when sorry doesn’t work OR i’m so very sorry. a poem.

I’m sorry your house was burned down in the fire. my heart breaks that you never got see what your dreams could be. i’m sorry that raging rivers and their seas came in and stole everything. i’m sorry you lost your wife and unborn child to an unlawful army raid. i am so sorry that your daughter has had a daughter, because rape was somehow acceptable. i’m sorry that you live in a dilapidated cardboard box; and i am sorry i pass by you everyday. i’m sorry that my beliefs keep me from treating you like your someone. i’m sorry that my church has a broken heart for you along with their broken feet. i am so very sorry your baby has a bloated belly while I sit and eat in ths nice restaurant. i am sorry you are dying of disease when i have the cure. i’m sorry that we can’t be friends because my religious views say we can’t, i wish your lifestyle was different, maybe then i could be more understanding. i am sorry you are in prison and that people think that you are your bad decisions. i’m sorry that i know that love could change everything, but  i just can’t fully mean this. if  i do then it means i have to do something that might cost me what i believe.i know its wrong, hope you understand. God please make them understand that these are your rules not mine. i’m just doing the right thng. but how can it be the right thing if people are dying? maybe somethings wrong with ll of this. maybe i got you wrong. maybe. i’m so so very sorry.


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