we are all immigrants.

we were all foreigners once. either when we visited another country as a a tourist or whether we moved all of our stuff with us to call that new place our home. we went from being in the womb to being in the world. once we learn something new, we re-enter the world an immigrant and have to learn the new ways of that culture. whether we are in a restaurant or in a country where we know nothing of that language. all of us are immigrants to something or even to someone.

so why all these laws, why all this brutality and anger towards immigrants. i hear one guy yesterday just rip into some foreigners who come into to steal ‘our’ jobs. when are we going to stop ‘owning’ one another? when wil humans start embracing their humanity and their internal immigrant status as a good thing and help each other?

when will we stop thinking that everything we touch is ‘ours’ and start looking at it as ‘ours’? maybe we just forgot how to share? could it be that easy? could it be that things like nationalism, entitlement and selfishness lead our politics and maybe even how we see the world? grant it, not every person believes this…but instead of spending all of our energy on who’s in and who’s out, why don’t we just help each other…who knows, it might just work if we are ready to let go of all of our fears? but, are you?


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