more doctors, less journalists

L´ Union Fait La Force

the earthquake in Haiti has injured millions and has killed thousands. and it seems the world at large is taking its time in reacting. yet, we can journalists over to the scene faster than we can get doctors? is that right. i mean we are more concerned about getting a good story than actually having a hand in healing someone else’s land? as bible author james once wrote, ‘brothers, this should not be so!’…when did the new become more valuable than life? what happened to the urgency of preserving what is holy. the jews saw all life as holy and that we are responsible for preserving that holiness. so, when we hesistate, when we do something instead of reacting in a healing way, we are disagreeing with this notion that life is holy. we are saying that whatever we are spending our time doing is that much more important than someone else’s existence hanging on a thread (and we can do something about it). this isn’t about guilt, this is about responsiblity. about embracing humanity, the moment we let go of the person next to us, the moment humanity stops being human.


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