sharing our toys: spatial awareness and truth

“Spatial awareness is an organised knowledge of objects including oneself, in a given space. Spatial awareness also involves understanding the relationships of these objects when there is a change of position.”

I was babysitting some kids today and noticed something intriguing. their toys are their toys, but that wasn’t what was so intriguing — everyone else’s toys were their toys too. some of them would even resort to child-violence to get the toy they wanted. but, the point here is that they weren’t scared for the mine to be ours as long as it was given from them to another. and this whole exchange got me thinking about our cultural and personal development along with ideological developments as well. All people are still children, we have just learned to embrace some cultural definition of sophisticated versions of our childhood selfs. this is not in anyway a condenscending statement, it is learning who we are and where we come from and how we learn what we learn. this is important for progress. (but not some colonialist idea of progress, but allowing the natural rhythms of life and maturity to grow us as they need to). children, in certain moments, are good teachers for us. at times, they don’t understand the need for entitlement, because what it mine is yours and what is your is mine. some have really good spatial awareness and can share to their hearts content without losing who they are. i wish the world could learn from them. whenever i hear jesus talking about certain characteristics of a kingdom life i am convinced he wasn’t intending his ideas just for the jews, but that it was meant for the global family of humanity throughout the ages and the ages to come. some kids give it all away, sometimes without realizing what they are giving away. i wonder if we too need to send out a missing persons for the child inside?

i think this also happens with truth. we tend to mistake the universal for the ethnic. meaning that we take truth, which in its origin is for everyone, and apply it to our worldviews and create it to be ethnic. it goes from being something that by its very nature is huge to something minute and manageable. truth is a universal philosophy, idea, or experience and to make it smaller would make it less than what it could be. i understand fear plays a large part in our development of how we treat truth and the experience of it. even our spatial awareness plays a part. what’s mine is mine other children proclaim through their aggression. they somehow believe the world is their to serve themselves. and when we get in touch with that aspect of our childhood development and stoke the fires of aggressive ‘ethnicity’ (see universal for ethnic context) then we only add to the annals of those who have created injustice in the name of their own personal worldview. truth is too big of a concept for one religion to claim a monopoloy on it. and if we are so arrogant enough to do so, then we add our name to the list of bullies who have struck their tyrranical swords through time and history. and we become a part of the system we spend our time trying to divorce ourselves from.

so, maybe we need to relearn our spatial awareness? maybe whats mine has always been ours. and what is your experience is what i can learn from and vice versa. maybe things like truth, theology, worldviews and etc. weren’t ever meant to be horded, but meant to be shared. maybe truth was never mine, but always ours. maybe mystery was never my toy, but our toy. i hope we can learn to share our toys whichever ones we have to offer.


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