pink is for girls, blue is for buys and other lies…

pink is for girls. blue is for boys. girls are made with spice and everything nice. guys aren’t supposed to cry. women are supposed to be the cooks and in the kitchn, guys are supposed to be outside fixing things. guys are the ‘bread-winners’, women are the home-makers. and many many more…

our society is riddled with certain cultural expectations and their own version of the cultural ten commandments. we live in a society that frames a lot of our thinking. if you feel old, well then, L’Oreal has the answer for you. if you don’t feel adequate enough as a man, well there’s always Cialis. we live in a society that projects that it has the answers to everything and for everything. and without knowing, we take their cue and embed the snyaptic paradigm within our psyche and everyday living. instead of having answers, instead of subconsciously following the crowd and willingly turning ourselves into the victims, i would ask why we don’t challenge all of the status quo’s? why don’t we see life as a blank slate the clears the canvas moment-by-moment? this is some of the idea behind a generous version of ‘Carpe Diem’. this is more than philosophy or cultural theory going on, this is about awakening to the reality that we are more than our society. that we are not the sum of our television commercials, and that we are responsible for not following their cues, but making and inventing new ones for others to follow. maybe follow is a bad word, because it connotes that we are trying to make conversions or disciples, maybe if we can see culture as a testing ground for new ways of seeing the world, maybe a catalyst might be a better word. a place where we can all come together and become inventors in our own right, and that that act doesn’t create followers, but is a catalyst to inspire the divine spark to show up and demonstrate itself in the acts of creation, death, invention, grace and peace. the more we spend time trying to make converts for our worldview, the more like Wal-Mart we all become. society shouldn’t tell us how to do things. society should be taking cues from us, not in one of those arrogant, i am better than you attitudes, but one where we all can learn to catalyse the ‘us’ we were all meant to be. i think a good place to start would be to ask how am i being effected by the society around me? how can i effect society? how can i challenge the subliminal messages and counter-intuitive media-drenched philosophies that fly through the air that somehow tell me who I should/shouldn’t be? the moment we began asking these questions is the moment the boy can go and buy pink socks, if he wants to, and the day the woman can step out of the kitchen into the world of creativity and the moment humanity can start working together to change culture rather than being told what to do.


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