are we learning or arriving; is god learning or arriving…

sin is described in hebrew as not making it to your destination. it is about personal potential. there is some great resources on some of this understanding over at: In Hebrew, this word is chait. Again, it has to do with not fulfilling who you were meant to be.

some thoughts in process theology believe that god himself is in process. that god is learning or evolving. but, he is the first to learn when ‘truth’ becomes truth. he is the first to know when knowledge becomes knowledge.

some friends and i were talking about contradictions in the creation story, how there are two or possibly more creation stories between Genesis chapter one and two. and the word for void in the hebrew (for chapter 1, early on) means wasteland, it presumes there was something there before. and the assumption from jewish scholars and some christian theologians is that there might have been another earth before our earth as we know it. so, the question is, if god is learning or in process…did he sin? again, sin isn’t the epidemic problem that is sometimes seen in orthodox scripture…it is not living to your full potential. and so if god is in process…then isn’t safe to say that he also is learning like us. and the assumption in the Genesis 1 account, if it is rendered right, that God didn’t live up to his full potential because he had to re-create a better earth. i know how heretical this idea is, and i am not sure i am onboard with it, but am asking the question to anyone who is willing to ask it and research with me. again, first step is to remove all the orthodoxy behind the terms here and restart fresh…and why is this important…well, it is only important in the sense that if God is evolving, then the process of evolving is quite huge to our existence and we must be okay with it as a necessary process and begin moving away from progress in terms of consumerism. because once we embrace the idea that we are in process than we constantly learn rather trying to arrive.


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