faith is letting go of religion

Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see Hebrews 11

in hebrews, the author talks about faith in terms of what we lack. it is the unseen we that we have. now, if we think of the unseen in terms of lacking something, than it is in our lack that we can create things. it is in our need or out of it that we can create out of nothing. the idea of faith here in Hebrews is talked of in terms of ‘ex nihilo’, the same phrase to describe how god created the earth — out of nothing. the author is not only saying we could create out of nothing, but that faith itself is the act of creating out of nothing, i think its important to remember that the hebrew word for faith is a verb not a noun, it is an action. but this is so different from ‘faith without works’ — that is why i think we need to remove faith from religion and come to realize that faith is drastically different than a system of beliefs. faith is the defiantly hopeful act of living out of our lack, religion says we need more and more. religion advocates consumerism. faith advocates losing our religion. we need less to do more. we need less to be more. we need to divorce ourselves from religion to experience faith. faith isn’t claiming a belief, it is letting it go.


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