the church reinvented.

Mangiatrice di uominiIn physics, uniform circular motion describes the motion of a body traversing a circular path at constant speed. The distance of the body from the axis of rotation remains constant at all times. Though the body’s speed is constant, its velocity is not: velocity, a vector quantity, depends on both the body’s speed and its direction of travel.

when everything around us looks like its moving, its possible that we might still be standing still. but, sometimes its difficult to see if we have actually moved at all. progression becomes an illusion. but, not progress in the sense of consumerism, but in the sense of evolving/learning. and also not linear. but in the sense that there is a forward motion of some sort outside of linear thinking and time that we are a part of. and so if this is the case, then the church might be in this circular motion inside of linear time. and we need to get church outside of the linear way of thinking. out of progress as an idea attached to consumerism. because the danger is, if the church adheres to what has been then we might continue our circular journey of no forward motion. the church needs to step off the hamster wheel and reassess why its here and what it means to be here.

once we come to these questions we can reinvent ourselves if need be. and in light of society shifting, moving and changing, i think the church must be reinvented. we definitely need to move away from the idea that we need a building to have a meeting. or that we need to sing or that we need to ask for money or that one person should share their views on god. especially if we accept the reality that evangelism isn’t about pushing an agenda of any kind. and so if we work backwards, than the church naturally will have to reinvent itself. not because it MUST stay alive, but because the world needs the church. but not as is. it needs something more and something less.


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