unethical heterology: unintentional conversation


The absence of correspondence, or relation, in type of structure; lack of analogy between parts, owing to their being composed of different elements, or of like elements in different proportions; variation in structure from the normal form; — opposed to homology

we have intentions. we tend to be people of purpose. people who go places and accomplish things. some might call that progressive consumerism. and unfortunately, it has snuck into the church. moreso in the halls of evangelism. in the greek, the word is euangellion. at the root of the word are the verbs to teach and to learn. yep, learn is a verb. actively learning. listening. and engaging.

and so unethical heterology is this idea that says we should be able to come into conversations without intentions. or if there is any, it is to solely to connect to that person. not to convert them. but to learn from them. to be transformed. and sure, if they get something out of it, great, but it isn’t our intention to ‘school’ them.

and so maybe we need a new word all together. maybe we need to scrap the word evangelism, yes the one from the bible that was used then for a purpose has since changed into a purpose for brainwashing. so, could we use the word conversation. its nothing new in the scheme of semantics, but it does change the playing field. conversation dissolves the intentions of that purpose, or one would hope so. and it allows us to step back from the need to feel responsible to change another. it then becomes only about loving the other. and so the higher reality is about loving the other, nothing else. listening, learning, teaching, growing, transforming. i think we need this more than we need the orthodox theological framework of evangelism. don’t you?


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