why jesus isn’t powerful.

Salem Tank

someone was leading a series at this church i popped into today and the series was called ‘jesus is powerful’. the idea of power is somewhat intrinsic to the metanarratives of history and now. flipping through the history books of roman history, we see power being uneccessarily abused at the expense of the weaker. we see this happen in the plight of the jewish people in world war two. we see it amongst other groups in history as well. power as an ideal has been so abused, that when we use the word itself has so much destructive gravity that to use it in terms of the figure of jesus would actually remove the ‘power’ that is intended with the person of jesus. i think maybe in this sort of context, the word ‘influence’ might be a better choice, because of anything, jesus responded to power with non-power (in the typical idea of what we mean when we use the word ‘power’). and so jesus was an influential person who used his influence to spur on transformative ways of life. jesus learned how not to be manipulative and use power to coerce change rather he learned that influence was a creative way to encourage change. maybe we can learn from him.


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