asking questions of jesus


keeping in sync with the idea of questions and why we need them.

some people fear to question certain things. as if the act of that question will completely devalue or underrate either the experience of the so-called truth or the collective answers that have been assumed for generations. but do we quiver if someone asks ‘is the sky blue?’ no, because the majority says it is blue. what about when copernicus challenged the makeup of the universe? a lot of people were up in arms on this one. why? because it challenged the fabric of their belief system. it challenged their reality as they knew and accepted it. new ideas force some sort of transitory change or at least the option to accept it. i am sure copernicus didn’t mean to put himself in a position where he might die for what he found out. he was just sharing what he found. from the ‘transcript’ of what he shares, it doesn’t seem that he came in ‘all guns blazing’, but that he did want eagerly share his discovery out of more than anything — excitement. so why is it that most can be okay with universal findings of copernicus that literally shift our worldview? but, when it comes to new discoveries about the person of jesus or the bible, we get nervous, angry, frustrated and in a defensive posture? i think its not because of our allegiance to jesus. it is because of our allegiance todoctrine and the dogmas that we have sitting on our shelves. if there was ever a person in our faith-tradition who was against stereotypical dogmatic practices and doctrinal beliefs about god, it was jesus. we fear change even though we need it. and we all know we need it. so, why not embrace the reality that the message of jesus doesn’t change because we dissolve a lot of things that others created? why do we lose blood over creeds, when if we should be losing blood at all it should be something we give to the cause for those who have no voice….


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