context and doubt

Sands Motel

one of my many projects is to recapture the jewish understanding and message of Rabbi Jesus.  And the more I dive into these kinds of studies, the more i begin to realize that context is very important. context doesn’t remove doubt, but it illumines the journey toward asking good questions on the journey out of doubt. that isn’t to say that doubt is the enemy. amiguity is a good thing. we need it so we can keep searching and digging. we need doubt and ambiguity to drive us forward. it is the fuel to the car. but context lights our journey into doubt. context gives us the history so we can move into the future. sure, there are answers you might discover when you place things back into its context. but the answers should lead you to more questions, when they don’t, the journey stops. and we were made to journey.

the moment we think context isn’t important is the moment we accept that things like our past decisions,memories, ideas, pains and pleasures just don’t matter that much. the benefit in placing things back into their context is that it removes the ever-increasing opportunity to turn something that was meant for discussion into a dogmatic tool for tyrranical persuasion. context brings peace. context and understanding can even have the power to bring reconciliation in terms of global crises and historical grudges.


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