truth as a wrinkle.

some people believe that truth is this concept that can be measured or defined. that things like words can actually engross truth. i hope that we can all accept that truth can’t be so easily encompassed by bumper-sticker theology or even areligious understandings. that truth is beyond all of this, and yet can also show up in these things. but wouldn’t it be a good thing to agree that truth is bigger than all of this? and that truth itself isn’t static. that it is ever-changing, ever-growing and ever-inviting us into the journey of its own self-discovery. it defies all attempts to define it. the ancients jews believed that truth unfolded. that it wasn’t this suffocated doctrine that could be stretched only so far. but that we get to unfold with truth. that as we are in process ourselves, truth itself is too in process. this may scare many people, but if you think of it as an adventure, then we get to have a life-long rendevous after rendevous with truth. we get to surrender to it and also find it in the most unlikely places.

those that would deny that truth does not progress might be the same people who would deny that we grow and age. or that seasons occur. or that time doesn’t move or progress. those might be the people who would buy oil of olay ageing cream to deny their wrinkles. maybe truth is more like a wrinkle. and we get those as we get older. maybe truth matures as well.   in myth, most of the narrative it telling us about something else that is going on. for example the relationship between demeter and persephones in greek mythology is more about the explanation of seasons. our lives are filled with metaphors. our lives are metaphors. for something bigger. for something that is beyond words or experiences. that only words and experiences can barely grasp in their short reach towards finding meaning. but, still we reach, we push and pull and ask and doubt and find and move so we can dig deeper into meaning and the purpose of it all.

and so if our lives are inundated with metaphor and we are also metaphors (at times) then maybe the fact that we age and progress is a picture of the nature of truth. maybe the fact that trees go from green to red to yellow to nothing to green again means that truth too goes through seasons. and it grows and it continues and invites us to grow with it. hopefully we can agree that there is always more to life than what we are doing in that moment. and what we’re doing in that moment is a metaphor for something bigger. for something meaningful.  if truth is in process than we don’t get to lead it. it leads us. it changes us. this doesn’t mean that when we discover truth that we blindly accept what is before us or that we try to create systematic approaches to define it objectively. it means truth is bigger than us. bigger than this blog post. bigger than a philsophy. truth is truth. and so we just have to be in awe of this concept that is beyond all concepts. and we must stay hungry and continue salivating for the truth that is out there in wilderness waiting for us to come and find it. to touch it and be changed by it.


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