confusion, a lover on the street

war is a childing screaming for peace
freedom is a prisoner denying release
a laugh, is a smile under pressure to cease
indifference is the eternal kind of disease

if we choose our blindness
than we seal our fate
if we run from ourselves
we might get there too late

hanging from trees are the leaves
that want to say more than we want
to hear
and when the skies open up, god sheds
his tears

we have to say goodbye to what we know
to find out who we are tomorrow

scandalous intrigue dances around
in our dreams, because sometimes
things are better as they seem

hope is a broken promise that we can taste
in our treason
life is found when no ones around in the in-between
confusion is the lover who sits on a street
waiting for the cigarette to burn with defeat
and we all are seeking more than we would like
and yet it becomes trite to be right
and so we close our eyes and
surrender to the fight


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