what buddha has to say about the bible.


 ‘…the Buddhas gave it a name Tao, but you must not base any concept on that name. So it is said that ‘when the fish is caught the trap is forgotten.’ — Zen Saying

Written by a Buddhist Practitioner: ” “Studying the Way” is just a figure of speech. In fact, the Way is not something that can be studied. Study leads to the retention of concepts, and by keeping concepts, the Way is entirely misunderstood.

The Way is not something that exist separately from you,
and it is not located anywhere.

The first step to follow the way is to refrain from knowledge-based concepts. If you were to follow the empirical method to the utmost limit, on reaching that limit you would still be unable to locate the Mind. “

I wonder what the Buddhas have to say about the Bible and what seems to be, at times, agressive allegiance to a book which talks of a way, but itself never purports to be the Way. Some might say that Scripture says we must follow its laws/commandments. But even the Hebrew word for law is halakhah which means to walk, or path. Much like what the Tao means. 

Just as in the picture story of the fish, if we spend all of our time focusing on the importance of the pages that speak of a way, without knowing it, we miss the way. The pages, writings and words are about the way, but not the way. the bible itself says that. and it is a way. jesus seems to invite people, and let people leave if they don’t want to follow this new way. this is why i say its a way rather than the typical assumption of what jesus meant on john 14:6. but the reality is, that jesus lets people have the choice to not join. to leave their cross and choose another life. and what’s interesting is he doesn’t chase after them or force them to pay the membership fee. i think this is an all-too important note that we can easily miss here. it’s a way, an invitation.

this new was walked out. not experienced in a book. assuming there would come a day when our life experiences of God would take us beyond the book or as Bono once sang: “I still haven’t found what I am looking for.” This doesn’t mean we never return to the book. Or that we don’t treat it with respect. It does mean we realize that as a book, holy or not, that it still has its limits. Yes, it can still speak to us, it can still ignite hope and change worlds but to make the bible the way is to cheapen the invitation of jesus to follow the way that he offers.

there is more to christianity than the bible. there is more to christianity than whether or not the bible was an act of divine fiat. there is more to christianity than what the bible holds, there is mystery. buddha talks about emptying ourselves and minds of presumptions and even giving words meaning. christians call that mystery. if buddha has anything to say about the bible its that there is more to learn than what is written. and its when we walk in the way that we find out what that more is…



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