learning from god in process.

The Message

The moment you read this a moment that you can never take back has just passed. Time has moved forward, it has progressed above and beyond our control.

The petal that just fell off the flower that you and I weren’t around to see will never fall again. No matter how many winters this flower may experience, there will never be another petal like that ever again.

The breath you exhaled in the middle of the conversation you had earlier will never be the same breath you exhale from that moment forward. In a sense, you have breathed your last breath in that moment.

Time moves forward, it progresses, it breathes and flowers through our existence. Everything is in process. All of life is in process.

The first time I scraped my knee, I learned to make sure that the next time I scraped my knee that it wasn’t for the same reason. I learned, I progressed, as we all do.

What if God does that too?

Process theology says that God evolves. Which is very much in line with Eastern Judaic philosophy that defines perfection as something that perpetuates. Perfection progresses. God is in progress. God learns, he evolves.

There are several ambigous places in scripture that seem to support this.

In the conversation with Abraham about his nephew Lot who lived in the city of Sodom and Gomorrah; God was willing to barter and debate with Abraham on the value of a soul. Which I truly think is the point of the story, not whether a city was historically destroyed or not.

Then God changes his mind in conversation with his friend Moses, a leader of the Israelite people who challenges God on his thinking. Almost essentially accusing God of being close/narrow-minded. And God backs off.

There are a handful of others where demonstrates that he is in process.

Another example is in the fabled creation narrative where the author describes the world as being formless. The word in Hebrew for formless means wasteland. It assumes something was there before. That God could have possibly created another earth(s) before ours and was in the process of learning.

Again, in the eastern mindset perfection was demonstrated in growth. And this is incredibly encouraging because it allows us to see that we ourselves should not have to feel guility about ‘arriving’, in fact if God hasn’t ‘arrived’ according to our definitions than maybe it means that life isn’t about ‘arriving’ or coming to all the answers, maybe what it means is that life is the endless beautiful journey where questions lead us to better questions and so on and so forth. Maybe this is what means to learn from a God in process.


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