what is church? a few thoughts…

Pseudo Notre Dame

this is in response to a current conversation i am in asking the question whether we can exist as a church without mission or if they are intertwined. check it out — Wrecked Article

also church to me is a metaphor for community (i am looking at church from a theopoetic standpoint) and it can include those who might not even believe (jesus doesn’t delineate who is gathering, its just a gathering in his name; and your name in that culture meant who you were and what you stood for; so then, it becomes about when we meet with people who have a similar Christ-ethos they are living out)

maybe the book of acts is a metaphor for how the world was meant to live and work in harmony or as the author of that book says “they were in one accord.” maybe its about the reality that we have to fall off of our horses to find Jesus. that enlightenment and discovering who God is a letting go and sometimes can be hard road that may force to you be blind for a few days before you come to see the ‘light’ (God). maybe that’s what Paul’s story is about. maybe that’s what our story is about….


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