separation from theology.

the fear of new ideas about god might not be because it challenges borrowed theology, but because within all of us there is a natural fear of separation anxiety that makes it hard to embrace the feeling of being abandoned by the truth we once held so dear.



  1. season · April 5, 2010

    i cannot tell you how much that speaks my current life situation….i feel abandoned by the God i once knew…and the church that taught me all about His formulas…

    it’s a scary place to be when you find out that God doesnt exist…


    • theloverevolution · April 6, 2010

      thanks for stopping by! so would you say you have stopped believing in God all-together? If so, what has brought you to this place?


      • season · April 12, 2010

        O i most definitely still believe in God…just not the God I was taught by the pentecostal church to believe in…the God of formulas…the God of certainty…the God of the literal Bible…

        When i started asking the questions though….it seemed that everything fell apart…my security blanket gone…and now i am in transition…left my church and dont really know where to go from here…


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