meet truths relatives.

Colorful Muslim Family

truth is a murky subject. because some believe there is objective truth. others believe that truth is subjective. some might even believe that truth can b discovered in 66 books, others believe it can be found in the forest. some believe truth is a person, and others believe truth is an illusion. but why not both? why can’t truth have elements of all of the above rather than constantly fighting against one another. that maybe each characteristic above along with a whole gamut of others can teach us things about truth and its nature and how we can discover it. i think truth can even be like a dysfunctional family. but a family nonetheless.

Meet Truth ‘The Father’: Truth as a father cares for us. supplies our needs. works hard for our development. guides us. corrects us. advises us. loves us. can believe in you.

Meet Truth ‘The Mother’: Truth as a mother is compassionate. is powerful. is independent. is loving. accepting. correcting. beautiful. nurturing. listening. teaching. meets our needs.can believe in you.

Meet Truth ‘The Siblings’: Truth as siblings can annoy you. can upset you. can enter your world when you don’t want it to. can be there for you when you least expect it. can stick up for you. can love you. can spur you on. can borrow things without ever returning them. can be your hero. can believe in you.

Meet Truth ‘The Cousin’: Truth as a Cousin can seem distant. out of reach. uknown. cold. out of contact. unsupportive. OR close. within reach. known. warm and inviting. accessible. can believe in you.

Truth as a family teaches us that present within the fabric of truth is diversity. there is transformation. but that truth believes in us. truth cares for us. truth is also different to each person as you can see the characteristics being played out, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t truth out there that isn’t objective, it means that all of our attempts can barely graspe the full depth of truth. it doesn’t mean we don’t try, what it means is we enjoy the journey. we let it unfold us, rather than trying to colonize it. we allow the relationships we have in truth to expound upon us rather than us trying to comment on it. the less we try to influence truth to be what we think it should be, the more truth can influence us to find who were are meant to be.


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