man need a little madness

man need a little madness, lest he not cut the rope and be free – Niko Kazankhis

at one time we were all travelers. the world was this new unwrapped present from the Creator. it would be like opening a window on the first morning, in your new house, to find the new scenery that was whispering for you to peek through your shutters all night long. life was a journey, it had to be.

then came settling. finding a place to call your own. colonization. survival. bills. cars. stress. a few of the things that came with settling.

yesterday, i ran into a guy who responded ‘it’s alright’ after I asked him whether he liked where had been living for the last 30 years. i heard the defeat in his voice.

life had become a chore. something that you do.
it bo ecame a list of things to ge done rather than
a ride to experience, maybe he likes his life. but his bod language and word choice seemed to betray that possibility.

maybe we can learn from those who traveled before us.
that we must keep traveling inside. that we can’t stop–when we stop, we resign ourselves to the reality that life is about settling for second best. and that we somehow believe the lie that we have been made to live on left-overs. there will be things that will try to steal away our gaze and give us the pseudo-experience that what we are doing feels like what is supposed to be. but there is more. beyond what we have learned, beyond what we have been taught, there is life inviting us into the uknown.

into the ridiculous. into the unreal. into the mystery. some say that life is mystery not because we can’t figure out, but because we were discovery. i think the first step on the journey is let go of the things that slow you down, and then learn to enjoy what is around you, whether its in your control your not.

its not always an easy journey. but its worth it. what is holding you back? what has brought you to where you are? why do you feel the way you feel?

we need to reclaim our souls. maybe this is what salvation is about. find ways to heal and rediscover who we are meant to be. it takes a journey to do that. the unlearning, the forgiving, the dreaming and the reinvention. we were made for adventure, not because i say, but because we have been invited into a life filled with beauty, despair, rainbows, storms, seas, oceans, chaos and order. life is a roller-coaster. hopefully we can enjoy the ride..


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