Bono is a traveling salesman, shouldn’t we be traveling salesman too?

Bono 4

If you look up Bono’s min-bio on Twitter all he has is ‘traveling salesman’. The frontman of U2 is humbly shying away from the label of rockstar, which if you read in some of his interviews he seems to struggle with. in fact, he makes a parody of himself in some of his concerts. but he got me thinking…

i think one he is also parodying the culture of consumerism that is running rampant across the world. i mean you can go into most big cities across the globe and still see skyscrapers. who came with the idea that we as a world family should have big buildings? which seems to me to be an after-effect of the objective view of consumerism and commodification. we think we need to be the same, so we look the same. and when we look the same, there is safety and comfort in knowing that we must be doing something right. somehow the world makes more sense when the person standing next to me, looks just like me. it validates me. homogeneity makes the ego think that being like another person is us being our true self.

yet, on the flip-side, we also can’t get away from the idea that we are selling something. each of us. we are traveling salesman. we all have an agenda, i cringe to use that term, because of cryptic negative connotations that come with that word surrounded by politics. but, each of us do. some want to become famous to feel better about themselves. bono is also trying to work out his own megalomania inherited by his not to perfect relationship with his father (he talks about this in some interviews). all of our agendas started somewhere. all of our dreams are ideas we are selling. but, the idea of selling an idea doesn’t have to be a negative concept. if we are honest with the reality that that is what we are doing than we can become more comfortable with the reality that we are actually being culturally relevant and speaking into a global society that has either become victims of consumerism or progenators of it. and so maybe we need to hold a certain amount of absurdity when we approach our ideas that seem to be about making the world a better place, we need to be passionate about them, sure, but we also need to realize just as much as we don’t want to that we are not only products but perpetuators of the myths of consumerism. so if we agree we are all salesman, than we can also move forward with why we are here. to make a world a better place no matter what labels we use.


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