we all have condemned

we all have condemned. we all have pointed the finger, whether verbally or mentally we have all done it at least one time or another. but condemning is even deeper than simply pointing the finger, if we condemn others we damn them. that is part of the structure of the word itself, to damn someone to hell. we may not even intend to, but sometimes with the choice of our words, body language, silence, and etc. we end up choosing the direction of one’s soul.

in some jewish circles they believed the best way to speak against something, was to do the exact opposite. so, if you disagreed with intolerance, the best way to respond to it, is by being tolerant. if you disagreed with indifferance then you would embrace diversity. if you embraced plurality than you were telling others that you have come to realize that your worldview isn’t the only one.

the hebrew word for condemn is chata. it means to be led away from a goal. or to bear the blame of one’s own choice. the condemning isn’t done by another person. the condemning is done in the aftermath of that persons’ choices. his own choices will condemn him rather than others. a person steals, he goes to jail, this is him being condemned. When we accept him, we agree that condemnation doesn’t have the last word. when we look beyond what he or she has done, we embrace them for who they meant to be and help others see that love is better than hate. when we do this, we confess that love really does change everything.


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