unnaming god.

Elephant fetus

once we name something we become homeless.

Julia Kristeva (a philosopher, semiologist) thought language disconnected us from the object we want to know. She referred to this process as estrangement or exile. She had this idea that we are connected to people, places and things when we aren’t fully aware of their label. That somehow the label, the word, the idiom of choice would create an exilic experience. That we would become outsiders. I know this is a deep concept, I am still wrapping my head around it. Her premise for this idea is that we are emotionally connected to thing when they don’t fit a mold. When they are outside of a construct we are fully connected to that ‘thing’. Once we name the distance begins to matieralize.

The emotional distance is in process of separation.

If you think of it in terms of umbilical chords; when we’re born, we are connected in many ways to the womb within our mother. This is when we have yet to be exposed to the outside world, to the constructs placed upon us (where we have no choices whether to accept them or not-as a baby that is). We are nameless. Our identity rests in simply being. When you think about it, it is a simpler time. Names, labels, titles, language all of this introduces us to a world framed and formed by constructs. Its when we succumb to these constructs that we begin being formed by the construct rather than being in a safe place to discover who we were meant to be. In the womb we are safe, we are cared for, we are present there. When language enters our mouths, we then begin one-by-one distancing ourselves from things around us, God included. The idea behind Kristeva’s thought is that we are home without language, once we use language, we become homeless.

We become stripped from the womb.

This isn’t to say that we don’t need language, but it is to say that we must realize our relationship to others, objects, and God based on this conclusion. That the less we say about something the more connected we are to it. The less we claim about an object, the more space there is to know it.

Because once we label something it then becomes that object, it then has only that potential, it then can only effect us as that object. This is the same with God. Maybe to re-discover God we have to unname him. Maybe we have to silence thousands of years of theological construct to find him/her waiting on the otherside. When we begin this process, the distance between us and God can be repaired. It can be renewed. We can remember what it looks like to be alive again.



  1. Ian Kirk · June 4, 2010

    While I understand where you are going with this, I'm not sure I agree fully. I believe the issue is when we operate as if our words cover the entirety of God. Even the names of the angels are incomprehensible to man. This kind of goes along with our discussion on Facebook.


    • conspiracyalive · June 4, 2010

      for me, i think when we depend on language at all with the sense ofcreating any doctrine or dogma them words have ceased to exist,meaning than becomes only some thing we control. when meaning is inour control, it stops having meaning. language should always be onestep beyond our grasp, if not we brent saying very much at all then,just controlling our world.


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