we’re afraid of death.

Baby in Coffin

The Taleban hung a 7-year old child. Seven years old! A child. Someone’s little boy. Innocence killed. Taken out in his prime. Death before life.

Has death stopped meaning something? Has killling another person, let alone a child become another news listing that we gloss over as we sip our coffees and get ready for the day? Has innocence become nothing more than a favorite past-time?

Our culture tends to fear death. Our television commercials mosly are ways in which we can try to stop death. We are in denial. We don’t want to talk about death because we know how the statistics work out. Our faiths and beliefs might give us some hope. But truly (& abstractly) when it comes down to it we don’t know what is beyond our deaths. That reality makes us afraid of death. But this post isn’t whether you believe there is an after-life. This post is about how we have subsconsciously become victims of a culture that is intentionally denying the reality of all of our futures. Why? Because we like to be in control. We want to be fully aware of our surroundings. Our need for control gives us a false sense of security.

Somehow our denial of death has numbed us to the reality that we are meant to preserve life. The ancient nomadic Jews along with most religions believe that life is sacred. Life is holy. I see that many believe this, but to stop death from happening might cost you your life. Ironically. This fear of losing our lives impedes us from preserving the life of another.

We need to be a people who are dedicated to preserving life.

Not that we need to do this in a colonial sense.

If life is worth preserving than why are there so many headlines saying otherwise?

When we become numb to the death of others, we silently agree that all life is not holy.
When we become numbe to death itself, we selfishly proclaim that we are more important.
When we casually glance across the death of another in a tabloid we agree that that person isn’t worth saving.

May we become a people who selflessly find opportunities to save the lives of others. May we become people who not only speak of life as holy, but live as if live is truly holy. When we do this we become better humans. We embrace what it means to be human. So, what is at least one way we can begin preserving the life of another?*

*beyond campaigning or awareness


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