if we are for…

Tree of Light

It’s easy not to like something. It’s easy to show disgust or disdain towards a certain group of people or behaviours we don’t agree with. Most of our reactions stem from the after-effects of our environment and culture. It’s easy to be a critic and take ‘pot-shots’, it’s easy to point the finger and say ‘its their fault!’ What’s not easy is pointing the finger back on ourselves.

I think the idea of being ‘anti’ anything demonstrates the inner need to be against something. We have been taught that if we are against something that we have purpose. Some might use the word ’cause’ to make it sound more justifiable. Being anti-something removes us from having any responsibility from the thing we might be against. It creates an unhealthy distance between us and the point we’re trying to make.

Being anti-anything isn’t really healing.

Pointing the finger doesn’t deal with issue, it just gives us someone to blame and gives us a false sense of peace that we have done something about it. But if you ever talk to someone who lost someone dear to them and ended up in court-room staring down the defendant at fault for their loss, the killer going to jail doesn’t make the loss seem any easier to bare. The loss is still there. The distance between what is and what could be seems to be an ever-widening gaping hole leaving us crying out for some repair.

What if we are for things rather than against them? What would that look like? How would that change our conversations? How would that change how we see the world?

If we are for things than we have a responsibility to provide space for those things to grow. If we are for things than it means we have hope. If we are for things than there is potential. If we are for things than God has room to still create (and so do we). If we are for peace rather anti-war than it means we can intentionally do something about rather than simply complain about it. If we are for love rather than anti-hate than it forces us to ask the necessary question of ‘what does it look like for me to love well?’; if we are for grace rather than anti-sin than it means we focus on who we are meant to be and living out of the divine spark in such a way that it extracts the very same thing out of others when we interact with them.
If we are for things, then the world can be a better place. We can have a hand in healing people, places and things. IF..


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