dissolving chaos.

Disney - Dream a Dream (Explored)

In every whirlwind hides a potential for form, just as in chaos there is a potential cosmos. Let me possess an infinite number of unrealized, potential forms! Let everything vibrate in me with the universal anxiety of the beginning, just awakening from nothingness!

inconsistency, uncohesion, confusion, chaos these are all necessary in the world. all of these things allow space for creation to happen. war*, pain, abuse, hatred, injustice, darkness, sin, death are all necessary so the opportunity of creation can exist. if we lived in paradise we would never have the opportunity to create.

without chaos we couldn’t live out our god-embedded responsibility to create.

it’s because of our need to be in control that we have become demi-gods of structure. it’s because of our need to make sense of inconsistency that we have become kings and gods of a world we do not own. its because of our fear of the other that we need structures, labels, and names that categorize those who don’t fit into social structures. these labels make us feel more powerful than we really are, and more powerful than we really should be.

when we become disciples of chaosmos (chaosmos: where structures form and dissolve) we begin to see that killing our neighbour isn’t just metaphorically killing a piece of ourselves, it is ontologically destroying a deep part of our humanity. we become less human when we deny that we are not connected or don’t have a symbiotic connection to the child who has just needlessly shot thousands of miles away.

because of our fences, our labels, our need to control our world, we word-by-word, label-by-label dissolve the world around us. in the hope of healing the world, through our labels, we have a hand in dissolving it.

we have a hand in making something complicated rather than the opposite.

we need more dissolution between another, so we can people who see the divine spark in all people which can empower us to do something about inustice, death, war, pain, abuse and all the other atrocious acts that are bortn out of someone’s need to control their world. think about that, most of the globally tragic things (not all) tend to stem from our need to be kings of our domain.

dominionism needs to be dissolved. olympus must fall. kingdom of god rhetoric must find become unspekable. the more language we have that empowers us to be the very things we are against, the more become the tyrrants we despise so much. the more we go beyond labels and see each other as God has made us, the world slowly becomes a better and better place to be.

when we remove the need for structures or systems, we have a world at ease. this doesn’t mean we don’t need them, it means we don’t look to them to lead us. this doesn’t mean that without these things our world would fall apart. what we have to understand is that god who holds all the chaos together, calls that creation. he is suspending the chaos in the middle of the universal expanse and while we are suspended he calls that ‘good’. our beliefs, our bible, truths, philosophies, inventions, sciences and religions need to be held in suspension (rather than solid deities) held in the tension between valuable and invaluable are where our worlds should lie.

when we try to ground the things we think we need, we then bring those things from suspension (‘creation’) back into chaos, and when we do this, than we become the one’s who think we are capable of being god enough to re-suspend them. we need to learn to live in chaos so that god sustains his divinity. having said that, he invites us all to creat with him. its a partnership that begins in the dissolution of our belief systems. if god is a universal being than he is both inside and outside of our worldviews; so, we must be willing to go inside and outside of our own beliefs to find him.

think about this on all levels, in all subjects.

if we began to see that our role isn’t about invading other contexts, but first dissolving our contexts to see that contexts are really a context. that peace isnt pluralized. that hope isn’t hopes. that love isn’t loves, but love. that we all seek love to steer the shipp. that love can really change everything. when we see this, we can begin creating in the midst of chaos.

* i am in no way endorsing any of these atrocious events or behaviours


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