america is gadhafi’s love child

all of this focus on gadhafi increases the longevity of war. in fact, i no longer think america has a global voice. especially in the case of gadhafi. if anything i think america has become nothing more than the perverse love-child of gadhafi and the media.

but its not just with gadhafi though, its the presumptions that inhabit america. and when i refer to america i do not refer to the individuals who populate the nation called america, but the shadow of america that represents itself, something other than america. its the system of america, the doppelganger. the evil underbelly that has somehow assumed its role as the universal father-figure who needs to run everything and walk with a big stick. the institution of america better said.

the more wars and globa disagreements america gets involved in the more obscene its reputation becomes and is received by the rest of the global competitors. the more gadhafi is pursued and the more blood that is let, the more america becomes the ultimate terrorist and tyrant. although gadhafi is and has participated in atrocious acts, the worst acts have come from western retaliation.

let’s use another example to strengthen that point. look at how reacted to saddam hussein, a known terrorist, what did america do, they reacted to a terrorist with terrorism (by hanging him publicly) – what did we do with osama, we killed him and some of his family. but the collateral damage was justified because he was brought to ‘justice’. this un-accountability of america has put the reputation of the world at stake. are we barbarians that we should need to destroy each other and find ways to justify it by using over-politicized rhetoric??


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