poem: same word…

it peers at me from below
whispering to me words i
don’t want to know

in the gap between the silence and
the word
i am the anxiety sweating through your
like the raven: no more, no more, no more
i taste the lethargic betrayal in your tone
and cant seem to run away from the gold
hiding in your bones
you are the system that tries to hide
the home that no one can seem to deny
and there is more to you and me
then meets the eye

if only i could kiss that which i cannot see
would i be more me

more me?

erase all the words that hide me true
and walk into the darkness of a forest
beyond the truth
may i be ruthless in my disdain
and allow breathing room for grace
to rain
and let the water fall on me out into
the drain

i will get up the courage one day
and all will be well
once i rescue myself from this
need to believe in that which
believes for me

release, redemption & betrayal
they all seem the same word


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