the story of all

Under the Rainbow - Optimism

Noah means rest.comfort.long-lived (think: legacy). so what if the ‘Ark’ (which in Hebrew: means boat or ‘word’ – as in language) — along with the ‘two of every kind’ is a metaphor for humanity (as in, left/right, gay/straight, man/woman, black/white, good/evil and etc.) coming together allowing divisions to collapse for a greater society. Numbers always mean something in Judaism, the fact that 8 humans were on the Ark means the following: “It is 7 plus 1. Hence it is the number specially associated with Resurrection and Regeneration, and the beginning of a new era or order.

When the whole earth was covered with the flood, it was Noah “the eighth person” (2 Peter 2:5) who stepped out on to a new earth to commence a new order of things. “Eight souls” (1 Peter 3:20) passed through it with him to the new or regenerated world.”

Then this new order would be an event where society (as we currently know it) collapses itself and out of this collapse, both resurrection and a new era will emerge…


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