Voices of [Mutiny!]: A Book Review

If you haven’t read the book Mutiny! by author, teacher, speaker Kester Brewin. Then you need to!

This isn’t one of those: ‘I know Kester so everything in this review will be nice’ – sure the book is quite creative, and employs a variegated palette of voices (i.e., Zizek, Lacan, quotes from actual pirates!,Max Weber, greek tragedies the bible and a plethora of other sources). The one small critique is that, at times, Brewin repeats himself. However, this does not have to be viewed as a negative, because [and I am sure as a teacher Kester is very aware of this] repetition enhances memory [i.e., the ability to remember things]. What i really like, because this is the field I am in, is it resonates with, critiques, and offers alternatives to sociological and cultural issues (i.e., the castration of the feminine voice, epistemology and etc.). This isnt just a book about pirates, but it is a book about a revolution and becoming a pirate. Against the cyclical nature of culture (a book I am working on at the moment!), against the smokescreen of capitalism, and into a new kind of ‘commons’….

However, do not let that overshadow the journey he will take you on visiting wide-open oceans, to encountering radio bombs [i.e., pirate radio vs. the BBC],the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Somali pirates and so on. This book is for the one who is not okay with the status quo, this is one of the strongest points that comes out. One of the most intriguing aspects of this book is the entrancing library of information about the lives of the pirates, like a favorite of mine, BlackBeard.

And even the mysterious/mystical place of Libertatia (Captain Mission and a rebel religious leader helped create/discover). I love how the prose drips with creative license that resists the typical narrative cliche – this is a gift that Brewin has….the ability to draw the reader into the story he has to tell. Much like a campfire orator, Kester melodically invites his reader to be a participant in the very points he is making here – which is the point exactly that we no longer afford to sit back and idylly allow injustice to have the last word.

This book is a must-have, whether you’re a pirate-lover, dissident, religious heretic or you want to become one of the above. Grab a copy of this, you wont’ be let down,at all!! ARRRRGGGHHHHH


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