america: the unwritten alice in wonderland

American democracy is much like the the Alice in Wonderland that never got published. You know the one where Alice tries to step through the looking glass but it shatters leaving her destitute and with the only option of ideological conformity? Yeah, America is like that. Except it doesnt know that that’s the story it has become. That it has fallen victim to its own inability to see it flaws. With phrase like: America is the greatest nation on earth, we can only surmise how hard the fall will eventually be. Dont get me wrong, I hope we can make it through, but America cant afford to be the center of the universe any longer. We need more voices, especially in this pluralistic postmodern society – we cannot afford to believe that the Lone Ranger can be without Tanto. We need equilibrium in global interrelationships. We need to share platforms rather than deman them. Otherwise, much like Rome, in its demise, America will fade to the history books of lore. When Obama sounds his battle cry, the one that illicits a necessitated response, our reply should be (i.e., can we do it?!): yes we can, but not alone…


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