[Hedon]ism with a smile or how F|ather Christmas is like {Capital}ism

I love Christmas. Actually, that itself is an understatement. But language fails. I think there is something to be said about ones cultural upbringing and how it affects our identity.

I also think it is imperative we be critical of our beliefs and objects outside of us, lest they start thinking and believing for us.

Has this not happened with Christmas? Have we not become superstitious victims of capitalistic mythology? Whereby the art of giving has been dumbed down to an annual event.

Where stores look more like a las Vegas strip club, lights glisten and the cashiers like prostitutes sale their wares bombarded with red and green. Is not the color red symbolically attributed to passion or lust! And green associated with envy and jealousy? Also isn’t wrapping itself an act of repression? Its the only moment where we are not encouraged to go to the extreme.in a very generic sense, it is the most selfish act of all.

What is a gift if not something to give away and what do we do with it, we hide it, we present it as something other than itself, almost out of embarrassment on a subconscious level. If a gift is something to given, then Christmas is not about such a gift. Unless the practice is changed.

Is not jolly old st. Nick the epitome of capitalism? Gluttonous, overweight, requires slaves to do his work, marginalizes women [his wife only plays the role of the symbolic supportive female].

Does this all not sound like capitalism, but rather something that we are also told to enjoy? Is not Santa constantly smiling with red rosy cheeks? almost implying that we should feel guilty if we have an emotional disconnect with the holidays. Are we not somehow meant to be ethical and pass this contextual contextual ethic of being good on to our children?

Is not Santa or also known as capitalism, like god? Does if not see you when you are sleeping? Know when you are awake? Does he not in his anal retentive manner make lists? Maybe this is the trinity of today culture, that Santa, god and capitalism are actually closet bedfellows. That they are actually not three distinctive people but rather three varying functions of the same epidemic.

However, I think religion plays a major factor in holidays and their celebrating. Their is a concept in Jewish inter relations called agape. Its the sacrifice of the ego for the other. The giving up of self and finding it in the other. Not co dependency, inter dependency.I wonder if holidays are meant to be a reminder of this and not hedonism with a smile.


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