Ugly America: why Robert Pattinson is to blame for Kristen’s affair

For in the re-telling of Snow White we have something peculiar materializing within the backdrop of the movie itself? An affair. The actress Kristen Stewart had an affair with the director of the movie. Is not the character of the wicked stepmother more akin to Stewart’s actual self? In that she employs a similar mirror (the entrance of the symbolic self) to that of the queen.

The queen (played by Charlize Theron) animates the mirror [a symptom of narcississm is that we animate the image looking back at us as some form of reified self] to inform her of who is the most beautiful in the land; the mirror however can only tell her the truth [in a lacanian sense, the mirror-image is the false-self; the whole self is the false-self]. In this case, the mirror-image is not of the queen, but of the queen’s desire to be the ‘fairest of them all’.

She has imbued beauty with such a power that her life has no meaning, even her arsenal of magic does not give her the full satisfaction she covets. The mirror then is attempting to tell her what must happen to fulfill her dream of having eternal beauty. The mirror is a screen for her own fantasies to be played out upon. To be socially valued she must be the most beautiful.

Are these false promises not the same perversion found in commercials parading around air brushed men and women. That beauty is hiding the flaws. Is not beauty the ability to see all of the holes, pimples., and scars and still saying to the person: your flaws are what make you beautiful.

Playing out on the screen of western politics is Americas affair with its own image. And attempting to flaunt its own insecurities as strengths. Its attempting to consume the other so it can become that which it lacks.

One possible redeeming feature is at times Obama withdraws the American addiction toward omnipresence. Which is also the apparent space that capitalism occupies.

It seeks to mask its own flaws by consuming the other, you and i, by perpetuating a need for it, through supply and demand. The cinematic affair was about the same, Robert could not make Kristen feel beautiful, so she went where the supply was high. Of course, beauty was not the only issue, there were many other deficiencies. As there always are.

This is quite similar to the claim known as the silence of Adam in that Adam was at fault for Eve’s consumption of the fruit. For he did not intervene and inform her of her flawed beauty, but let her believe that immortality was going to preserve it. This is the same for America, in that America needs America to intervene for America. The transgression of America is that it has come to believe its own lies as truism and expects everyone else to validate them.

Is this also not found in religious fundamentalism? The lie that there is a loss that must be fulfilled, and their tools for imposition derive from evangelism and that they imply that the only way to deal with this lack, is to fill it?


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