Syria: The death of a country

The Economist | Syria: The death of a country via @theeconomist

America has a history riddled with meddling in the affairs of other countries. Its attempts to consume the whole of the globe via the failed attempt of the democratic experiment should be indicative enough that America does not know how to do international politics on its own.

But rather than being uselessly critical here I propose if America does step in to help Syria avoid self destruction that they do it under the premises of a global coalition.

No not the U.N. That project failed a long time ago.

But with the neighbouring countries as well as Syrias people leading the new direction. If Syria has any hope it must come from within not uwithout. Although I disagree with Obama about casualty not being a solid enough reason to help I do agree with the need for critical thought before action.

His argument is quite weak because if his daughter was over there he would act immediately. In one sense he is not close enough to his own humanity and he is too close to his role as the symbolic self.

He needs to reverse his stance. But Syria needs to lead on their own future if they do choose to receive help.


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