Polar express, some thoughts


In the polar express, belief becomes a form of anxiety and social acceptance. It becomes the very thing that gives common ground to the new community of believers. Yet in this context conversion to the belief is already anticipated as if to imply that belief is inevitable and will eventually consume every non believer. That is the only possible response to being human. That benevolence can only be found in and through belief which then leads to community. Belief in this sense is both extrinsic and traumatic. We don’t have a choice,eventually we will have all to believe. In the movie the implication is that all the nonbelievers are the damaged puppets who are held together by the strings of nonbelief but are saved by the boss to recycle them, or to become believers, in other words. The movie is set in a fictional place and yet is portrayed as real to imply the universality of belief that makes the unbelievable believable.


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