Poverty in the UK: More Disillusionment Please

The Love Revolution

A potent symbol for the political left today still remains the peasant revolt that erupted out of  14th century which was in response to a series of socio-economic developments including land-property distinction. Due to the Black Death, there was a labour shortage along with a food shortage. The Statute of Laborers was a law created in response to the peasants demand for more wages, “Peasants were forced to work for the same wages as before, and landowners could insist on labour services being performed, instead of accepting money (commutation). This meant that the landowners could profit from shortages, whilst life was made very much harder for the peasants[1].” Today, in the UK, economic dispaarity is no different. No, we are in the wake of the Black Death, but we are in the wake of an internal and external economic haemorrhage. Someone once said that you can tell the success…

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