Is Russel Brand A Savior, A Messiah? OR A Manifesto For Change a

Is Russel Brand the next Jesus Christ Superstar? Is going to be the Savior of the universe? Is he the next Avenger? If you have listened to the comedian/actor/turned revolutionary, you will know that this is the wrong question to be asking. Mediation is what he is against. However, its his nuanced flair for choosing such a title for his recent tour, The Messiah Complex. What is a complex? Something indicative of deeper issues. So, I read his title as a parody of just this very thing. That we don’t need more systems, or even more mediation (i.e., presidents, world leaders, powers that be) telling us what we need, what we don’t need, or how we need it. We need each other.

A couple words that comes up in a lot of his television interviews are the words, love and compassion. What is love? Okay, don’t start singing the 80’s song (Baby, don’t hurt me, no more). But honestly, we all know there is something lacking if we approach love as some narcotic we can’t get enough of, or if we over-intellectualize it, make it into a 12-step program. Many people like to think of it as a Christmas gift, something you give away. But what if its not any of those things? But, rather lets use the Greek word, agape. Which, simplified, is self-sacrifice. I would like to take it a step further, an end to the ego. Let’s contextualize that in the West.

The end of corporate consciousness; or even reduced to a more simple maxim, love is the end of being thought for, and the beginning of thinking for yourself. But to do so, you have to ‘die’ to your current sense of self. You have to die to the ideas you have been given. To the notion that inequality is just a natural part of existence. That fundamentalism is the only way to experience a religion or an idea. That governments and, dare I even say, democracy are the only options of how to successfully experience politics. There are better ways. This is what I hear Russell saying. But also love is the loss of self at the benefit of another. Not co-dependency. Inter-dependency. But at the end of ourselves, is the resurrection of ourselves found in the other.

Recently Russel Brand was in a conversation with Guardian columnist, Owen Jones, which is pretty good, find out more information here. But its a different article I want to bring light to, it’s the one where Owen is basically saying he doesn’t have time for Brand’s detractors. That there is substance in what he is saying. If you follow some of the comments on Brand’s Youtube channel, Trew News, people are inanely attacking him, without argument. How is what he is actually saying against what most people want? By people, I am inferring Leftists and progressives. We know the system is broken, We know it needs changing.

We know that is can’t go on. So, why these attacks? I am not saying agree with everything he is saying, he wouldn’t want that. I am a Marxist Communist, he is trying to reform democracy, which I personally think is a multivaried form of fascism. Look, to the content of what he is saying. If you follow me on twitter (@travelersnote) , you will see, as someone who is moving into acting, that it can’t just be what happens on stage, that one must use any and all of their available platforms to change, alter, destroy (sometimes) systems in place that mediate, control, and overly-define human progress and take that process out of everyday people. We have to realized all of these issues did not preexist us, we all have a hand in our past, present and creating a new future. So, no, don’t look to Russel as a saviour, that’s the most disrespectable thing you can do, look at the content of what he is saying, and apply it to your own revolution and begin that now. Today. This moment. Don’t let people represent you to the point you’re immobile. This is our time, a better world can be made.

PS. I will be explaining in detail the “in’s and outs” of what makes a revolution, an investigation on historical ones, and why they won’t work. Quite literally, it will be the mechanics and science of revolution in everyday language. Why we need something new. I am currently working on this book, it’s entitled: “A Tourist Guide to Starting A Revolution”


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