Todd Kincannon is a Bad Example of a Conservative Fundamentalist

Todd Kincannon gives the Conservative politicians and activists a bad name. He’s not even a good fundamentalist. His twitter feed is occupied with meme’s of President Obama, profanity, and nothing else. In short, there is no substance there. He simply argues against the wind to hear his own voice. Occasionally, he will make remarks dripping in what can only be easily categorized as naïve ill-informed bigotry.

Fundamentalism is characterized by a dangerous infatuation with words. It is essentially monolithic and reductionist. Like hearing from the lips of notorious religious fundamentalist, Pat Robertson, that the Hurricane in New Orleans was due to God’s wrath. Or anyone from Fox News that all the problems today lie in who is president.

Take his most recent tweet in response to someone else:

Jews are God’s chosen people. Muslims are Satan’s chosen people. Therein lies the difference.

His fundamentalism is so steeped in the ancient mundaneity of dualism. One is evil. The other is not. And lo’ and behold, he is always the good guy. Those he disagrees with are the bad ones’. Its just like history, only the heroes write who win, and it’s only the heroes who define the opponents. The main issue is not taking into account nuances or other historical discrepancies like: Christians vs the Moors in the Crusades. The Christians versus the Jews in the Early Church era. Or the so-called post-regal freedom fighters who ended up killing First Nations. Which Kincannon writes previously that is what we should do to the Muslims.

This Islamophobic xenophobia is indicative of the time in which we live. That religion must be reformed, sure, we all know this. But not just one religion, all of them, especially the one including that Todd aligns himself too – Christianity. Christianity has had a terribly hand in ostracizing people due to their personal lifestyle. Treating them as outsiders only to justify their xenophobic hatred and fear of anything that looks, feels, talks different.

Another issue is that of foundationalism. The idea that there is a systematic way to explain how, what, why one believes what they believe. There is no serendipity. There is no outside. There is only the desire to control the direction of knowledge and experience. Think of the movie, The Village, by M. Night Shymalan where the plot is controlled, directed, and predetermined by those in power. There is an unknown fear element that confines all of the villagers inside the walls, so they will not venture out. There is only fear, no desire, in reality, for desires are controlled by the fear of the unknown. Isn’t this the case with Kincannon, simply a conservative automaton who tries to rely on fear to control what he either doesn’t know, or he himself fears?

He goes on to make racist, anti-Islamic statements that he seems all too comfortable claiming. The ideological hubris limits itself by having no substance or actual arguments, they are just ad hominem attacks. They set up things that either don’t exist, or are conflationary exaggerations. He doesn’t want to know the truth, he wants to make it up, so he can then be the arbiter of it.

Take the following for example:

I consider Arabs to be white. I know plenty of Christian Arabs and some atheist ones too. Nice people. Muslim Arabs are scum.

Okay, so within the first sentence he already shows his inability to tell melanin apart. He might be color-blind, come on now, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. He might have some ocular stigmatism. But, last time I was around the ‘Arab’ people, I don’t remember seeing many white ones?! And then he does this postmodern trick of trying to separate them out into different religious categories as if to seem rational, but his first sentence already shows the inherent weakness, his inability to see the person as a person, they must somehow not have a certain religion. He gets to choose. Wow. How is this not an example f fascism on a subjective level?

He should actually spend time with a Muslim. Or go visit people in Ferguson. Or spend some time with the First Nations. Many of which I have done. I can tell you from experience, I have never met some of the nicest people on the planet. We can no longer allow bigotry to go on. We, as the human family, must fight for a better informed reality. Kincannon should spend some time living out experiences, rather than trying to creating false one’s through his myopic dogmatic use of language.

Make sure you read a recent interview I had with Zudhi Jasser, the President and Founder from the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, you can read that here.


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