Churches Are the New Fascism: Institutional Racism in the Church

Peter Rollins: Godly Mayhem Conference 14-16 November 2014

The Christian Church has historically had its hand in developing forms of governments that have perpetuate fascism. But has the Church actually moved on? It still perpetuates in one form or another residual effects of fascism, namely xenophobia. Racism is embedded within the very institutional walls and seeps through our institutional bias’  – this talk is about exposing that…

This talk was part of a series of talks that included the provocative voices of Pyrotheologians: Peter Rollins and Katharine Sarah Moody at an event with the Progressive Christian Network (UK). Click on the link below to find out more about PCN.

Click this link to listen to the whole talk/discussion: Churches Are The New Fascism

Click here to see pictures of the event and to download more talks from myself, Peter Rollins, and Katharine Sarah Moody.


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