Slavoj Zizek On Political Incorrectness

Here is one of my favorite philosophers on something dear to my heart, which is quite important, especially since I do stand up (comedian) work. The one thing you constantly hear is that being PC protects people from hurting others. But it doesnt, because it doesnt deal with the issues intrinsic to indifference.



  1. Jesse_Turri · September 29, 2015

    Not sure I agree with old Slavoj on this one. But then I don’t understand “political correctness” as a regressive devotion to propriety or a dogmatic, tyrannical rigidity, but as compassionate, egalitarian sensitivity; for me being “politically correct” is less about controlling what others think/say/do and more about allowing more and more people (marginalized/oppressed people) to be able to think/say/do things as well…

    I blogged about this here:


    • atravelersnote · September 29, 2015

      I think it’s the least compassionate of options, because it still doesn’t deal with the inequality. It’s also not just at the hand of white, privileged upper class mouths; everyone judges and makes comments, and the comments for me can have redemptive value if they are meant to hilight the systematic inequality in place, but today politically incorrect had meant to just shut up and simply suppress or sublimate the language or ideas. I’m not defending all out linguistic tyranny or abuse but that we need to get away from censorship as having fixed even a nuance of the issues.

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