The Movie San Andreas: Nature Always Wins

Just watched San Andreas (SPOILER ALERT) with Dwayne The Rock Johnson​ — a few thoughts:

— Nature will always be a reminder that human aspirations have their limitations ( A great scene is when Carla and Dwayne are boating through the desolation to find their daughter, and they pause to a middle-size boat suspended between two buildings).

— Although, the movie ends with a pro-American indomitable spirit type message (by the waving of an unfolding flag on the Golden Gate Bridge), the protagonists blindly forget the desolation surrounding them; a a typical pro-political stance toward American foreign politics

— The one thing that stands the test of time, is that in tragedy, in loss, in apocalyptic moments, what is most important, is not national spirit, but, of the human responsibility toward mutual care and radical sacrifice in the face of the death. In simple terms: When the shit hits the fan, we need to rely on each other, that is the thread that will pull us through despite our differences.


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