Black-ish | Is the System Rigged?

A powerful scene from the hit show Black-ish deals with the tension of police brutality, raising a child, and black lives matter. They deal with these issues by juxtaposing the position: Compliance or hopelessness. So, what do you think? Is the system rigged? If so, we need to change this. This is not just some ideological farce, there is verifiable proof which are backed by statistics that show that the scape-goating of the black community is happening. My claim is this: We are in the middle of a second civil rights movement. I am going to be working with Carl Dix and the Stop Mass Incarceration movement, we need your help too. How can you help? Find a relevant organization that hilights this scapegoating. And whenever possible defend against xenophobia, police brutality and general ideological bigotry. The world needs to be better, and its up to us!

Watch the video here and read the article here.