it’s so much easier to just let it run its course. i mean, sometimes fighting it just makes it worse, and even though we know the outcome, at the time giving in seems to be the best answer at the time. although, in the shadows lurks the shadow of that part of our soul we just just gave up and are not fully aware of. mercy, like air — we need it. sometimes church loses all the spiritual resources it claims it has. we get disillusioned by the very things that seem to have it all together. we seem to have stomach pains over taking all the overspiritualized sweets that are bribe their way into our heads, until one day, theology itself fails us and leaves us to trust god and not our thoughts. we becom disillusioned by our own ghosts and our own ideas, that all that is left is either to completely run east of eden or into waiting arms of our Father, who like the father of the prodigal — always waits….how cool is that?


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