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So, we, as a family started #vlogging. We vlog about the kids who sing, dance, laugh, tell jokes, fall in love, do all out crazy stuff! We also talk about politics, religion, life, and politically incorrect jokes. We’re a family with a difference, we are committed to sustainability, to activism and making the world a better place. Make sure to follow us to find out more and share, share, share. Thanks for caring!

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Raspberry Ketones

Okay so we know there is this pop-culture phenomenon of bio-hacking out as of late. Now, as someone who is naturally curious about trying new things, I thought I would give it go, as it seems compatible with exercise. I have been taking it for a little over two weeks, and I have seen some results.

Taking care of your body has nothing to do with body-shaming as is so wanton to conflate in our politically correct society. Afterall, we all die, its just a matter of time, and if you’re like me, I tend to enjoy all the moments in life, even the painful ones, they make us who we are. So, health is a major issue to take seriously both personally and corporately.

But, after doing some research, the very process of losing weight can be had through eating a balanced meal. It is important what you and how much of it you eat that will determine whether the natural process of ketosis kicks in – also, for these pills to really work, you have to exercise pretty rigorously. But, everyone’s physical chemistry is different, so if you’re looking to try something new, give this a go!

You can try those out here.

Black-ish | Is the System Rigged?

A powerful scene from the hit show Black-ish deals with the tension of police brutality, raising a child, and black lives matter. They deal with these issues by juxtaposing the position: Compliance or hopelessness. So, what do you think? Is the system rigged? If so, we need to change this. This is not just some ideological farce, there is verifiable proof which are backed by statistics that show that the scape-goating of the black community is happening. My claim is this: We are in the middle of a second civil rights movement. I am going to be working with Carl Dix and the Stop Mass Incarceration movement, we need your help too. How can you help? Find a relevant organization that hilights this scapegoating. And whenever possible defend against xenophobia, police brutality and general ideological bigotry. The world needs to be better, and its up to us!

Watch the video here and read the article here.


Maurice Blanchot Archive

Rhys Tranter

Harvard acquires manuscripts, typescripts, notebooks and proofs by the post-war French writer and philosopher

Maurice Blanchot Maurice Blanchot

Houghton Library has acquired the archive of French writer, literary theorist, and philosopher Maurice Blanchot (1907-2003) from his daughter, Cidalia Blanchot. Christie McDonald, Smith Professor of French Language and Literature at Harvard University, said, “I am thrilled by Houghton’s acquisition of this important archive.  Scholars will have unprecedented access to material that will give us a deeper understanding of his work.”

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Slavoj Zizek On Political Incorrectness

Here is one of my favorite philosophers on something dear to my heart, which is quite important, especially since I do stand up (comedian) work. The one thing you constantly hear is that being PC protects people from hurting others. But it doesnt, because it doesnt deal with the issues intrinsic to indifference.